Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Seating Buck

nVIZ’ CNC seating buck and driving simulator is designed for ergonomic analysis and autonomous driving studies in the automotive industry. Our simulator helps you save time and money in the early prototyping stages.  

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) high precision electric actuators and nVIZ’ integration with Autodesk VRED and HMD deliver the true immersive experience with real-time synchronization of physical driving positions and virtual reality scenes.

Main Features

Synchronized in VR with Autodesk VRED
Synchronized in VR with UNITY
SENSO Force-Feedback Wheel and Pedal
Moveable on Jack-up Wheels
Seat Payload: 120 kg
Dimensions: 2000 x 1000 x 1145 mm

Electric Drives

Precission electric drives from Festo
Recirculating ball spindle
Opto-electrical rotary position encoders
EtherCAT controllers
Repetition accuracy: +/- 0.02 mm
Reversing backlash: 0.1 mm

Adjustment Ranges

The adjustment ranges of seat and steering wheel are designed to cover the complete operation map of an automotive customer’s vehicle fleet from sports car to SUV.

Seat translation longitudinal (TX)0-400 mm
Seat translation vertical (TZ)0-300 mm
Seat rail incline (RY)0-30°
Steering column translation vertical (TZ)150 mm
Steering column rotation incline (RY)0-30°
Steering column translation lateral (TY)+/- 25 mm
Steering column rotation skew (RZ)+/- 2°
Steering wheel translation longitudinal (TX)0-200 mm