nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin for VRED

Autodesk VRED and the CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) technology are commonly used in automotive industry for virtual assessments of new vehicle concepts. The Ergonomics Plugin of nVIZ adds specialized functions for ergonomic analysis to VRED.    

Different vehicles and interior variants are easily selected via tablet in real-time and the test driver will always be placed in the correct seating position within the virtual scene. Steering and seat are precisely adjustable by touch within the limits of the ergonomics design.       

The integrated view point simulation allows for the test person to experience the vehicle from the view of a small female driver or from the view of a tall male driver. All the required ergonomics data is directly imported into VRED from the automotive manufactures database.

The nVIZ ergonomics Plugin is an extremely efficient tool for interviewing a large number of test persons and gathering their feedback on all aspects of the future vehicle, before clay models or expensive prototypes become available


Courtesy of Rebmann Photography