Ergonomics Driving Simulator

Our driving simulators, designed and manufactured in Steinheim, are tailor-made to precisely fit the customer’s requirements in terms of functionality and operational ranges for seat and steering adjustments.

We integrate high-quality components, proven in factory automation, from Rexroth and Festo. The electric actuators and servo drives guarantee for precise positioning and maximum lifetime.

A Compact and Flexible CNC Seating Buck

The compact CNC Seating Buck design, mounted on jack-up rollers, can easily be moved around in design studios and engineering facilities. With a width of less than 900 mm and a length of 2000 mm it will fit through office doors and into standard elevators.

The use of standardized aluminum extrusion profiles allows every seating buck to be equipped with the customer’s original seat and steering wheel and to be tailored to precisely meet the customers specific requirements.

Main Features

Synchronized in VR with Autodesk VRED
Synchronized in VR with UNITY
SENSO force feedback wheel and pedals
Driving simulation with IPG CarMaker
Moveable on jack-up wheels
Seat Payload: 120 kg
Dimensions: 2000 x 900 x 1145 mm
Aluminum extrusion profiles from Rexroth
Precision electric drives from Festo
Recirculating ball spindle
Opto-electrical rotary position encoders
EtherCAT controllers
Repetition accuracy: +/- 0.02 mm
Reversing backlash: 0.1 mm

Complete Integration with Virtual Reality Software

We offer a complete integration of the CNC Seating Buck for Autodesk VRED, both for computer aided virtual environments (CAVE) and for head mounted displays (HMD). Additionally we have a DLL available for Unity, for Unreal we will make a DLL available upon request.

The Ergonomics Plugin for Autodesk VRED allows the import of all relevant ergonomics data from a vehicles data base directly into the VRED scene. After selecting a specific vehicle in VRED the CNC Seating Buck will move seat rail and steering column to the design position of the selected vehicle.

This ensures precise synchronization of the drivers physical seating position with the virtual scene at all times. For a selected vehicle, seat and steering wheel can then be adjusted according to the operational map imported from the vehicles’ data base.

The electric actuators are configured to cover all the operational maps of seat and steering for an automotive OEM’s complete vehicle fleet (see the animations below).

Seat Positioning

Seat Rail Pitch

Typically the seat rail pitch angle ranges from zero degrees in vans up to six or seven degrees in sports cars. The CNC Seating Buck can adjust to a seat rail pitch of 0 to 15 degrees or more.

Seat Rail Longitudinal Position

The seat rail’s longitudinal position can vary by 400 mm to accommodate all the different vehicle classes from compact car to luxury limousine.

Seat Rail Vertical Position

The seat rail’s vertical position can vary by 300 mm to accommodate all the different vehicle classes from sports car to SUV,.

Steering Positioning

Steering Column Vertical Position

The steering column’s vertical position can vary by 150 mm and more to accommodate all the different vehicle classes from sports car to SUV.

Steering Column Pitch

Typically the steering column pitch angle ranges from more than twenty degrees in vans down to fifteen or less degrees in sports cars. The CNC Seating Buck can adjust to a steering column pitch angle of 0 to 30 degrees or more.

Steering Wheel Longitudinal Position

The steering wheel’s longitudinal position can vary by 200 mm to accommodate all the different vehicle classes from compact car to luxury limousine.

Steering Column Yaw

Many vehicle’s have a steering column which is not precisely parallel to the vehicle’s x-axis. The CNC seating buck also allows a steering column yaw angle adjustment from +5 to -5 degrees for the best possible driving experience.

Steering Column Lateral Position

The lateral adjustment compensates the above mentioned steering column yaw angle to make sure that the steering wheel remains in the vehicle’s design position.

Supplementary Equipment Entry Platform

Street Level Entry Platform

The street level entry platform allows a realistic user experience when getting into the vehicle or stepping out of the vehicle. The height of the entry platform is correctly adjusted to the vertical distance between street level and heal point for every vehicle.

Supplementary Equipment Center Console

Center Console Tilt

The center console module allows the center console to be positioned relative to the driver’s seat. The positioning is correctly adjusted for each vehicle to the vertical, lateral and lateral distance to the driver’s seat.

Center Console Vertical Position

The vertical position of the center console can vary by 300mm to allow exact positioning of the center console to the driver’s seat.

Center console lateral Position

The center console module enables exact positioning by 200 mm in lateral adjustment.

Center console longitudinal Position

To be able to position the center console relative to the driver’s seat, the longitudinal position of the center console can be varied by 600 mm.

Supplementary Equipment Force Feedback Steering

Force Feedback Steering and Pedals

The CNC Seating Buck can be equipped with a professional force feedback steering controller and pedals from SENSODRIVE for a most realistic driving experience. We will fit the automotive OEM’s steering wheel.

Supplementary Equipment Motion Systems

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation with IPG CarMaker

Physically correct vehicle dynamics simulation is available on the CNC Seating Buck by our integration with the leading real-time vehicle dynamics simulation software CarMaker from IPG Automotive.

DBox Motion System