nVIZ Compact Seating Buck

The nVIZ compact seating buck with professional SENSO Drive force-feedback steering wheel and pedals, together with nVIZ VTD Server software and optionally the compact COSMATE motion platform, offer a compact and affordable driving simulator.

The simulator simply requires a standard power supply and an USB connection to the host PC. The seating buck is adjustable to any seating position of most vehicle types, ranging from sports cars to SUV.

The nVIZ VTD Server software communicates with steering wheel and pedals via the CAN-bus signal. Steering forces, damping and friction can be set in the VTD Server software or taken from the vehicle dynamics simulation for a realistic driving experience.

The simulator also comes with an autopilot function to allow for studies of autonomous driving situations. On request, we equip the seating buck with any automotive OEM seat and steering wheel. The compact and robust design with Bosch Rexroth aluminium profiles makes the driving simulator an ideal solution for offices, design studios and showrooms.

nVIZ’ seating bucks are tailor-made to fit the dimensions of our customer’s CAVE. Pedals, steering wheel and seat track are easily adjustable to cover the ergonomic design across all vehicle lines of the automotive OEM.

Main Features

  • SENSO Drive professional force feedback steering and pedals
  • Maximum steering torque: 16 Nm
  • Steering speed in autopilot function: 200 rpm
  • Steering angle resolution: 0.009°
  • Bus system: CAN (1 Mbaud)
  • Sampling rate: individual setting per device
  • Manual adjustment ranges for seat and steering according to customer specifications