nVIZ Virtual Test Drive Server

The nVIZ VTD Server software manages the communication between all involved hardware devices (steering wheel, pedals, motion platform, …) and required software tools (high-end rendering for virtual reality, vehicle dynamics simulation, sound simulation, real-time operating system, HTML dashboard, …).

We have developed nVIZ VTD Server as a multi-threaded application for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Every hardware device and software tool communicates on an individual thread at an individual, optimal sampling rate.

VTD Server also supports HTML dashboards which can be run on a tablet mounted next to the steering wheel. This directly allows the driver to select vehicle and environment for his test drive while seated in the simulator. Also, the driver can start and stop the engine from the dashboard, select gear or autopilot and receive feedback on any vehicle parameter while driving.

Each hardware device and software tool can be selected individually to be connected or disconnected and VTD Server allows to write a complete log file of the data communication for analysis and debugging.

Steering wheel forces, damping and friction can be tuned for an optimal steering feedback while the system is in operation, alternatively steering forces can be taken from the vehicle dynamics simulation. A combination of both is supported as well.

For the best possible driving experience on a 6 DOF motion platform, customers have the option to develop their own specific motion cueing algorithms with a custom DLL we supply and document with the VTD Server software.

Currently, VTD Server communicates with the following list of hardware devices and software tools:

Rendering SoftwareAutodesk VRED, Unity
Vehicle dynamics simulation softwareIPG Automotive CarMaker
Sound simulation softwareB&K SimSound
Real time operating systemConcurrent iHawk
ControllersSENSO Drive steering wheel and pedals, analog input
Motion PlatformRexroth eMotion, COSMATE MB200