nVIZ Perceived Quality Plugin for VRED

To validate gap and flush tolerances on a vehicle design, engineers use spec studies or tolerance analysis models from CAD and 3DCS. The nVIZ Perceived Quality plugin enables Autodesk VRED Professional render the appearance of gap tolerances in photorealistic quality.

The plugin makes use of 3DCS’ standard Excel export function. Gap and flush measures and tolerances are directly imported into Autodesk VRED.

All measures from 3DCS are listed in VRED, measure point locations and directions are rendered in the view port. Innovative morphing algorithms deform the panels in VRED according to gap and flush tolerance values from 3DCS.

Morphing states are cached in memory for real-time A-B comparisons in OGL. The user can easily define arbitrary combinations of multiple gaps and flushes in different states (max, min, taper, etc.)

VRED Variant Sets are automatically generated from selected morphed states to make use of all standard VRED functions with Variant Sets. E.g. add standard view points and environments, add Variant Sets to render que and render in raytracing quality or make Variant Sets available to other VRED users.