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nVIZ Releases Perceived Quality Plugin For Autodesk VRED 2022 

August 3rd, 2021

Perceived quality as an inevitable part of craftsmanship in automotive industry. Autodesk VRED and nVIZ’ Perceived Quality Plugin help you evaluate gap, flush and parallelism in Virtual Reality at all stages of product development for optimal perceived quality levels.
The latest release of nVIZ’ Perceived Quality Plugin is now available. Besides supporting Autodesk VRED 2022 with all its benefits, the brand-new release also comes with many exciting features to help you better structure and automate your workflows. 

nVIZ Presents its Brand-New CNC Seating Buck at AIF 2021 

April 28th, 2021

nVIZ presents its brand-new CNC seating buck and driving simulator for ergonomic analysis and autonomous driving studies in the automotive industry. Our simulator helps you save time and money in the early prototyping stages.  

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) high precision electric actuators and nVIZ’ integration with Autodesk VRED and HMD deliver the true immersive experience with real-time synchronization of physical driving positions and virtual reality scenes.         

The adjustment ranges of seat and steering wheel cover the complete operation map of an automotive customer’s vehicle fleet from sports car to SUV.

nVIZ Releases Perceived Quality Plugin For Autodesk VRED 2021 

June 10th, 2020

The solidity of feel, appearance and consistent dimensions of panel gaps will remain important aspects of craftsmanship, also in times of e-mobility. nVIZ’ Perceived Quality Plugin, now available for Autodesk VRED 2021, let’s you experience panel gap and flush tolerances in Virtual Reality.

Gap and flush simulation data is imported directly from CAD Design and 3DCS. Innovative morphing algorithms deform the body panels according to the gap and flush tolerance values directly in the VRED scene. Real time A-B comparison is a powerful tool for engineers and managers to swiftly evaluate panel gap dimensions in VR before the first prototype becomes available.

Gap variations and panel deformations are stored directly in the VRED Variantsets with the VR scene for interactive reviews, multi-site collaboration and offline rendering in raytracing quality.

Sneeze Guards in Place of Seating Bucks 

Mai, 2020

To keep our business up and running during this challenging COVID-19 time, we are now manufacturing premium-quality sneeze guards in our seating bucks production – hoping to get back to Virtual Reality as soon as possible!