nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin


Autodesk VRED provides two paths for maintaining plugins. Please identify the directory where you want to keep the nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin. The paths are displayed in the VRED terminal window after launching VRED:

Download and execute the nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin installer. After the installer has completed, you need to copy the two following files to your VRED plugins directory:

  • C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\nVIZ Ergonomics.py
  • C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\nVIZ Ergonomics.ui

License File and Config File

The plugin supports the import of ergonomics data from an Excel file. The definition of which data to read from the Excel file is defined in the config file. nVIZ will provide you with a custom Excel file parser and with a config file to meet the specific ergonomics process in your organization. Please contact nVIZ to receive your license file and config file.

The license and config files need to be copied to the directory:

  • C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\

After installation, the nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin can be launched from the context menu like any other VRED module – right mouse click on the Main Tool Bar or on the Quick Access Bar:

Ergonomics Project

This is work in progress – the documentation will be complete with the first release of the nVIZ Ergonoics Plugin.