Installation Version 2023.0


The software cannot be used as a standalone application. It is designed to be used as a plugin for Autodesk VRED.

Download and execute the nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin installer.

The installation of the software requires administrator rights, please make sure the user has administrator rights before starting the installation. The installation requires configuration files specific to the customer’s ergonomics data process and the VRED version being used.

When running the installer, you will be prompted to select either the “Automatic Configuration Option” or the “Manual Configuration Option” – see details below.

Automatic Configuration Option:

The automatic configuration option will prompt the user to select the company name, the VRED version and, if applicable, the CNC Seating Buck serial number. The files, as shown in the Manual Configuration Option, will then be copied from their source directory to their target directory by the installer.

Manual Configuration Option:

After the installer has completed, you will need to manually copy the following files:
1st file : “nVIZ”
2nd file: “nVIZ Ergonomics.ui”
Source directory for 1st and 2nd file: “C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\<Ergonomics Plugin Version>\ …”
Target directory for 1st and 2nd file: Autodesk VRED provides two paths for maintaining plugins. Please identify the directory where you want to keep the nVIZ Ergonomics Plugin. The paths are displayed in the VRED terminal window after launching VRED:

3rd file: “xlsximport.config”. The plugin supports the Excel-import of ergonomics data. The definition of which data to read from the Excel file is defined in the xlsximport config file.
4th file: “frontend.config”. The plugin includes a frontend for iPAD Pro which allows you to easily perform the ergonomics analysis on an iPAD. The default settings for the frontend are defined in the frontend config file.
Source directory for 3rd and 4th file: “C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\<Ergonomics Plugin Version>\Config Files\<Customer Name>\ …”
Target directory for 3rd and 4th file: “C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\<Ergonomics Plugin Version>\ …”

5th file: “cncSeatingBuck.config”. Only for customers using the computer numerical controlled (CNC) seating buck of nVIZ! The cncSeating Buck config file includes all the parameters for the servo controllers of the electric drives. The serial number of the seating buck can be found on the ID plate near the power button.
Source Directory: “C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\<Ergonomics Plugin Version>\Config Files\<Customer Name>\<Serial Number>\ …”
Target Directory: “C:\Program Files\nVIZ\Ergonomics\<Ergonomics Plugin Version>\”

License File

Please contact nVIZ to receive your license file. The license file needs to be copied to the directory:

User Manual

User Manual Ergonomics Plugin Version 2023.0

User Manual Ergonomics Frontend Version 2023.0