nVIZ Motion Plugin Version 2019.4

Documentation for other Versions


Autodesk VRED provides two paths for maintaining plugins. Please identify the directory where you want to keep the nVIZ Motion Plugin. The paths are displayed in the VRED terminal window after launching VRED:

Download and execute the nVIZ Motion Plugin installer. After the installer has completed, you need to copy the two following files to your VRED plugins directory:


Please contact nVIZ to receive your license file. The license file needs to be copied to the directory:

After installation, the nVIZ Motion Plugin can be launched from the context menu like any other VRED module – right click on the Main Tool Bar or on the Quick Access Bar:

Test Drive

The Test Drive tab provides functionality for interactive virtual test driving in the VRED scene with the nVIZ VTD Server software and the nVIZ Seat Buck.


The Replay tab provides functionality for replaying test runs in the VRED scene based on existing results files from vehicle dynamics simulations.

Vehicle Rig

Each node of the VRED scene, which is to receive a transformation from the vehicle dynamics solver, needs to be specified in the vehicle rig. The plugin loads a default vehicle rig when launched from:

This file can be edited to your needs. If you choose to edit it, keep a copy of your file version because an update of the plugin will overwrite the file.

Camera Rig

The camera rig tab controls the movement of the camera relative to the vehicle’s sprung mass while animating the test drive.


Exchange IPG Road and VRED Scene

This tab provides functions to create the road surface data for IPG CarMaker from the polygon surfaces in the VRED scene.

Create Path from Picked Points

This function allows you to pick a path in the VRED scene to be used for the road definition.

Create Path on Polygon Surface

This functions will calculate a path on a polygon surface, defined by the polygon edges, for the road definition.

Create Path with Transform Tool

This functions allows you to record path points for the road definition while moving the VRED transform tool.