nVIZ Installation Version 2023


The software cannot be used as a standalone application. It is designed to be used as a plugin for Autodesk VRED.

Download and execute the nVIZ Virtual Test Drive Server installer.

The installation of the software requires administrator rights, please make sure the user has administrator rights before starting the installation.

When running the installer, you will be prompted to select either the “Automatic Configuration Option” or the “Manual Configuration Option” – see details below.

Automatic Configuration Option:

The automatic configuration option will prompt the user to select the VRED version. The files as showen in the Manual Cinfiguration Option will then be copied from their source directory to their target directory by the installer.

Manual Configuration Option:

For virtual test driving in Autodesk VRED, you need to copy the following two files to your VRED Script Plugins directory after the installer has completed:

See the nVIZ Motion Plugin Documentation for more details on the Motion Plugin for VRED.

For virtual test driving in Unity, we provide the following DLL to enable the communication between the VTD Server and your Unity application:

Link this DLL with your Unity project – see the nVIZ Unity Plugin Guide in the same directory for detailed information.

The nVIZ dashboard, designed to operate the virtual test drive while seated in the nVIZ seat buck, requires an installation of Node.js. You can download the installer from nodejs.org or download the version last tested by nVIZ from our download site.


Please contact nVIZ to receive your license file. The license file needs to be copied to the directory:

User Manual