nVIZ User Manual Virtual Test Drive Frontend Version 2023

Open VTD Dashboard

The dashboard is designed to run on a tablet or touch screen mounted next to the steering wheel on the nVIZ seat buck. It will allow the driver to select the vehicle type and the test track from a slideshow. After the data has been loaded, the driver can start/stop the engine on the dashboard, select the gear, switch the autopilot and receive feedback on any vehicle parameter while driving. The dashboard is an HTML application run on NodeJs which allows you to modify it to your own design and requirements.

Click the Windows Start button, go to the nVIZ programs group and start the dashboard from there:

The dashboard will parse the directory:

  • C:UsersPublicDocumentsnVIZVirtualTestDriveUserDataDashboardSlideShow

All image files of type *.png found in that directory will be added to the slide show on the dashboard. The name of the image file is relevant! When selecting an image from the slideshow on the dashboard, the name of the image file will be passed to CarMaker and VRED. CarMaker will load a Test Run with that same name and VRED will switch a variant set with that same name.

Launch Frontend

Launch Google Chrome (Internet Explorer is not supported) and type in the URL:

<host name>:8000

  • Slideshow: Swipe the images to select your test vehicle and test track.
  • P,R,N,D: Set your automatic transmission gear selection.
  • START/STOP ENGINE: Touch the buttons to start and stop the engine.
  • AUTOPILOT ON/OFF: Touch the buttons for autonomous driving studies.