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Last Updated: Januar 2019

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Liability Disclaimer

nVIZ takes care in the creation of the nVIZ website and its selection of information sources. nVIZ and its information suppliers do not guarantee the correctness, completeness and/or fitness of the information on the nVIZ website for whatever purposes. nVIZ and its information suppliers cannot be held liable for possible interruptions, failures or defaults related to the nVIZ website. Under no circumstances could any error in the provided information give cause to any financial compensation. nVIZ cannot be held liable for any decision or act whatsoever, which you may or may not have taken on the basis of the supplied information or data, neither for defaults or errors. The information on the nVIZ website can be modified anytime without prior notification. The nVIZ website provides links to other websites. These links do not necessarily imply a cooperation between nVIZ and the owners of the other websites. The reference to other websites is purely for information purposes and nVIZ cannot be held liable for the use conditions or policies of those websites. Should any clause of these use conditions be completely or partially invalid or illegal, the content or validity of the remaining clauses remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Changes of the Use Conditions

nVIZ will occasionally update these use conditions. nVIZ will not use your personal information for new purposes without informing you and giving you the opportunity to refuse the use of your personal information for such new purposes.