Virtual Reality Applications for the Automotive Industry

Our business is the development of innovative Virtual Reality Applications for efficient digital product development processes. nVIZ’s solutions are based on industry standards and are developed in close collaboration with leading automotive manufacturers.

Guaranteed to meet all the requirements of the automotive development process. Test our products and services and see for yourself!

Driving Simulators and CNC Seating Bucks

At our premises in Steinheim an der Murr, near Stuttgart, we develop compact driving simulators and Virtual Reality applications matched precisely to your requirements. Our customers are the leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world.  

After listening to your requirements, we’ll come back to you with a solution dressed exactly to your needs: Quality Made in Germany.


nVIZ Releases Perceived Quality Plugin For Autodesk VRED 2022 

August 3rd, 2021

Perceived quality as an inevitable part of craftsmanship in automotive industry. Autodesk VRED and nVIZ’ Perceived Quality Plugin help you evaluate gap, flush and parallelism in Virtual Reality at all stages of product development for optimal perceived quality levels.
The latest release of nVIZ’ Perceived Quality Plugin is now available. Besides supporting Autodesk VRED 2022 with all its benefits, the brand-new release also comes with many exciting features to help you better structure and automate your workflows.