April 03-04, 2019, Munich
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  • Virtual Test Driving in VRED
  • Perceived Quality Plugin for VRED
  • Adv. Cameras Plugin for VRED
  • Ergonomics Plugin for VRED
Details and Registration
JANUARY 11, 2019
nVIZ announces an Ergonomics Plugin for Autodesk VRED (╬▓-Release). It provides import of ergonomics data and allows the user to easily inspect ergonomic parameters in the VRED scene with tracking in a CAVE or HMD.
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DECEMBER 20, 2018
nVIZ releases the latest version of the Perceived Quality Plugin for VRED:
  • Copy and mirror sections
  • Extended list of variants
  • XML Export complete data
  • Options for symbols

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NOVEMBER 1, 2018
nVIZ moves to new, spacious offices in Steinheim:
Kreuzweg├Ącker 2
71711 Steinheim an der Murr
Tel.: +49 7144 89765 30
Fax.: +49 7144 89765 31