Driving Simulators and CNC Seating Bucks

nVIZ develops solutions for test driving in virtual reality. By integrating industry standard software tools, used by most automotive OEM and suppliers, we ensure optimal process efficiency.

The vehicle dynamics solver of IPG ensures physically correct vehicle dynamics simulation and Autodesk VRED or Unity deliver photorealistic visualization using head mounted displays, powerwalls or caves.

nVIZ’ virtual test driving solution is the optimal integration of multiple soft- and hardware components which have become established standards in automotive development.

Our software development enables the communication across all subsystems and offers intuitive user interfaces for the operation of the overall solution.

Dr. Inga von Bibra, CIO R&D Mercedes Benz Cars on LinkedIn:

“Switching between virtual and physical product experience was a highlight during my visit at Mercedes-AMG GmbH this week. Impressed by the VR/AR capabilities and excited after the virtual sneak-preview of our upcoming AMG lines.”

Compact seating bucks for low dynamics range driving studies.

Ergonomics driving simulator for ergonomic analysis.

High-performance motion platform for most realistic test drives.

Compact motion platform for design studios and show rooms.

Communication across all components with Virtual Test Drive Server from nVIZ.

Physically correct vehicle dynamics simulated by CarMaker from IPG Automotive.

Photorealistic rendering in VR with VRED from Autodesk.