Integration with Virtual Reality

nVIZ offers a complete integration of our vehicle simulators with Autodesk VRED, both for computer aided virtual environments (CAVE) and for head mounted displays (HMD). Additionally we have a DLL available for Unity and we are working on an integration with Unreal.

The Ergonomics Plugin for Autodesk VRED allows the import of all relevant ergonomics data from a vehicles data base directly into the VRED scene. After selecting a specific vehicle in VRED the CNC Seating Buck will move seat and steering column to the design position of the selected vehicle.

The integration of the vehicle simulator with the virtual reality software ensures precise synchronization of the drivers physical seating position with the virtual scene at all times. In addition to the synchronization of the design position, seat and steering wheel can be adjusted according to the travel envelopes of your seat and steering column.

The electric actuators of the seating buck are designed to cover all the reference points of seat and steering for an automotive OEM’s complete vehicle fleet.