nVIZ Compact Seating Buck

Our compact seating bucks, designed and manufactured in Germany, are tailor-made to precisely fit your requirements in terms of functionality and vehicle dimensions, as well as the travel envelopes for your seat and steering adjustments.

The adjustment of the seat and steering is simply done manually after releasing the clamping levers. The seat and steering column are suspended with lockable air springs. Scales on the seat buck indicate the design position for the different vehicle types.

Your original seat, steering wheel and armrest will be fitted onto the seating buck.

Optionally we equip the seating buck with an ART tracking system for the integration with virtual reality and with a professional SENSO Drive force feedback steering wheel for the integration with vehicle dynamics.

The seating buck depicted below is an example of a delivered project, further travel envelops can be added to meet your functional requirements and vehicle dimensions.

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