Vehicle Simulators and Seating Bucks

Test Driving in Virtual Reality at Ford Motor Company.

nVIZ develops solutions for test driving in virtual reality. By integrating industry standard software tools, used by most automotive OEM and suppliers, we ensure optimal process efficiency. Our software and hardware development synchronizes the virtual worlds of Autodesk VRED, UNREAL or UNITY with the physical experience of a 100% correct seating position in any vehicle type, combined with the real time vehicle dynamics simulation by IPG Automotive CarMaker and the professional force feedback steering of SENSO Drive.

Dr. Inga von Bibra, CIO R&D Mercedes Benz Cars on LinkedIn:

“Switching between virtual and physical product experience was a highlight during my visit at Mercedes-AMG GmbH this week. Impressed by the VR/AR capabilities and excited after the virtual sneak-preview of our upcoming AMG lines.”

Our seating bucks, designed and manufactured in Germany, are tailor-made to precisely fit your requirements in terms of functionality and vehicle dimensions.

All the actuators are designed to cover the design positions, as well as the travel envelopes, of your seat and steering adjustments for your complete vehicle fleet, from your lowest sports car to your highest SUV.

Manually Adjustable Seating Buck

Lightweight and compact vehicle simulator with manually adjustable seat and steering position for low dynamics range driving studies.

CNC Ergonomics Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle simulator with closed loop computer numerically controlled seat and steering position for ergonomic analysis.

CNC Interior Design Vehicle Simulator

Complete first row vehicle simulator with CNC adjustable seat and steering positions for interior design studies in virtual reality.

CNC Simulator for Motion Platforms

CNC adjustable vehicle simulator designed for high dynamic loading to be mounted on motion platforms for vehicle dynamics studies.